Useful weekly content to inspire a connection between people and the great outdoors

Photographs, videos, words and storytelling to help you explore with more excitement and confidence

Visual content that creates awareness across our natural environment for conservation and ethnic inclusion


Hello, you’re on my contribution page then you must be looking to support and take part in my mission. I couldn’t run this project without your help, and every little bit of support keeps me capturing and storytelling for longer to keep inspiring people.

If any of my work has entertained, encouraged or inspired you in any way and you’d like to help me continue my mission of helping people from all backgrounds to learn more about micro-adventures, then I kindly request that you make a donation of any size using the form on this page.

Your contribution will be investing in helping me create more content on a regular basis to inspire people to get outdoors and into nature through knowledge of the specific places that I uncover. I use photography and videography to try and influence behaviour. All this takes much time, skill and effort.

Why? I want to inspire people and the next generation to venture out and live a little. Go explore, make new friends and see new places. Make a difference to your life and wellbeing.

I strive to help us appreciate nature’s wonders by inspiring a connection between people of all backgrounds and the great outdoors.

I use photography and video as communication tools for understanding and creating awareness across our natural environment for conservation. I’m passionate about trees and nature, and bringing them to life through photography is my conservation.

All the locations and places I explore are documented in detail with photographs, videos, words and storytelling to help people explore them with more excitement and confidence of the specific place as a solo adventurer or with others.

Along with conservation, I’m also campaigning for ways to encourage the Asian, Black and minority ethnic community to get outdoors, and that nature and the great outdoors is an inclusive experience for all.

Why? For the reason that, in many years that I have been experiencing and exploring the great outdoors, the lack of diversity is genuinely disturbing. One of my project goals is to create more awareness for the inclusion of all races and disabilities to the outdoors.

The Shameer Shah Project allows for voluntary contributions and donations whereby helping me to cover all logistics required in order to find, capture and story-tell the beautiful, hidden gems of the British wilderness, and report them back to you.

By supporting and donating to my cause, you will be helping me create more content on a regular basis to inspire people. My aim is to help protect our nature and wilderness by actually getting people of all backgrounds to visit these breathtaking places, so they too are encouraged to protect, respect and teach others about our fragile, natural environment.

Shameer Shah
Shameer ShahOutdoor Guide | Photographer | Video Creator | Conservationist
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