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Shameer Shah Project

My name is Shameer, I am an experienced outdoor guide, photographer, video creator and a conservationist. I live in London. My mission is to hike, cycle or whatever it takes to find the hidden gems of the British Isles so that I can bring you on my journey with the most beautiful photographs and storytelling.

Exploring the great outdoors on foot and bicycle have been two serious obsessions of mine since a young age. Having lived on three continents, one thing in common is that the great outdoors is where I focused 100% of my time and resources. Whether I was camping, bouldering, trekking or cycling, I just couldn’t get enough of spending time in the wilderness and experiencing what nature has to offer.

Having spent so much time trekking, exploring, navigating and camping in the great outdoors across continents, celebrating beautiful natural places and absorbing the benefits of nature, I thought to offer my outdoor adventures to others so that they too can have the opportunity to experience the same.

I’m also passionate about nature, and bringing her to life through photography and video is my conservation. Along with conservation, I’m also campaigning for ways to encourage the Asian, Black and minority ethnic community to get outdoors, and that nature and the great outdoors is an inclusive experience for all.

I want to inspire you, people of all races and the younger generation to appreciate our natural environment, to protect it and to venture out and live a little. Go explore, make new friends and see new places. Make a difference to your life and wellbeing.

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  • Through visuals, I want to inspire you to deeply connect with nature and find this piece of paradise.

  • Motivate you to get a dose of energy and health benefits that come with surrendering yourself to our wilderness.

  • Show you the magnificent, hidden gems in all its glory for you to go explore solo or as a family day out.

  • Share my experience with photographs, videos, words, storytelling and outdoor guiding to help you explore with more excitement and confidence.

  • Most importantly, I want to encourage the Asian, Black and minority ethnic community and inspire the younger generation to get into nature.

I’ve worked as a photojournalist, a commercial photographer and marketer for many years in the past which somehow drew me closer to adventure storytelling. You can say this is quite serendipitous and I’m very grateful for that, as now I know… being an outdoor guide and fine art nature photography is my conservation and true purpose.

With what seamed to be a long shot – chasing my dreams, being inspired and motivated by nature and our wilderness, learning from nature historians and watching explorers and adventurers on YouTube – I have been completely humbled by the experience and the opportunities that it has brought to my life. Thank you to everyone who has inspired me along the way to keep me pushing one foot in front of the other.

Shameer ShahFounder | Outdoor Leader & Guide | Photographer

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