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Mums in the wild – Day Hike

Shameer Shah Project

Mums also need downtime. Downtime to recuperate from the endless tasks. Mothers’ are very busy if not with the children, then the limitless multitasking with work and the upkeep of the home. They too need “me time” for the betterment of their mental wellbeing.

So mums, here is something you can do for yourself. Hike and unwind in nature, lower the stress levels and be rewarded with immediate happiness and life satisfaction. And if you want, round up your children if they are 12 – 16 years of age and enjoy a wonderful bonding session. Children go free!

We embark on this hike from the home of hikers, Chiltern Velo, a charming wilderness cafe. We will stoke up on fresh coffee/tea and a slice of delicious homemade cake in preparation for the trail ahead. At the end, sit back with a glass of chilled bubbly.

Beginner hikers would love this 6 mile day hike.