Project Description

Along the waters edge 💦

Our rivers and canals flow through cities, villages and meander out into the magnificent wilderness and countryside. Like in the human body, they are the natural veins of the land winding through the most breathtaking areas to explore and that’s why I want to capture the stories around them.

The rivers and canals truly have much to offer whether you’re trekking from one location to another, cycling with the family, canoeing for exercise or just wanting to spend an enjoyable day away. It takes you away from your day to day lifestyle, relaxes and makes you feel better.

I have explored these waterways for years and they are each very diverse from the next. The feeling of calm, simplicity and minimal come to mind and that has got to be good for your wellbeing. The waterways have become a part of me and I would love to capture their essence in depth to inspire you.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir
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Project: Rivers & Canals

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The canals are very understated, and much kudos to you for exposing the beauty.

Miles of canals and rivers

Across a large area of the British Isles, the rivers and canals flow through the most magnificent villages and wilderness. My goal is to photograph and document the areas around the waterways to bring to you the best spots to visit and experience.


As long as nature, forests & the wilderness exist, we must let the outdoors nurture us. It doesn’t take much to change your way of life, support my work today and keep me photographing and storytelling for longer to keep inspiring you.