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Gear and Packing List

This hiking gear and packing list has accumulated over many years of my outdoor activities. It’s by no means a complete list (because a lot would depend on your trip details), but it is a very extensive list of items that will be useful to you.

Tailor the gear and packing list based on the length and type of hiking trip for example; day hike, multiday thru-hike, backpacking, wild camping etc.

Below is a detailed checklist of items you may require when travelling around the UK (or even internationally). You can add or remove items from the checklist according to your personal requirements and comfort. (Subject to the type of hike, number of days, weather and destination)

So, if you’re new to hiking and outdoor adventures, this gear and packing list will be useful. Also, very handy for regular hikers and adventure seekers.

Gear and packing list

Travel Documents

  • Driver’s license

  • Passport

  • Visas for entry

  • Trip itinerary or plans

  • Reservation confirmations