Hiking trips in areas of outstanding natural beauty that will live in your memory for years to come

Small groups are a refreshing experience as we get to know each other and enjoy nature as a team

Handpicked routes and trails to immerse deep into the countryside, ancient woodlands and forests

Hiking & Camping Trips

Having spent so much time trekking, exploring, navigating and camping in the great outdoors across continents, celebrating beautiful natural places and absorbing the benefits of nature, I thought to offer my outdoor adventures to others so that they too can have the opportunity to experience the same.

I operate my hiking tours across spring, summer and autumn in favour of experiencing the outstanding natural beauty that comes with these seasons. I like to keep the trip packages simple so that my customers can get a good understanding of what’s on offer, and what benefits they can takeaway from being out in our natural environment.

It’s all about being out in nature, observing its beauty and enjoying the benefits of walking in the wilderness.

Read more about what it takes me to deliver guided hikes.

Quality Assured

To ensure a high quality of experience, service and comfort, I will be walking the tours with you. I will be liaising with you with pre-trip information and what to expect along the way, and so, you’re prepared in the best way possible and packing the appropriate outdoor gear.

For those who book the hiking and camping trip combo, we will have an epic adventure exploring by day and campsite chill-out during the evening. The campsite is in a beautiful location surrounded by nature, and has all the facilities you need including clean, hot showers and toilets.

I only book groups of a maximum of 7 people for any one trip. Small groups are a refreshing experience as we get to know each other and work as a team during the activities. This is also an ethical way of laying fewer bootprints on the ground and reducing soil erosion when in nature.

Solo hikers and/or couples are welcome as you will likely join other like-minded people.