Hiking Gift Vouchers

Shameer Shah Project

Purchase hiking gift vouchers for friends and family, what could be more special? You don’t need a special occasion, you just do so because friendships mean the world to you.

The hiking gift vouchers are a great way to present somebody with a gift that offers something unique and noteworthy – offers them an active day out on adventure in the great outdoors and helps them de-stress and rejuvenate in nature.

The hiking adventures breathe new life and energy into the very heart of the person receiving the gift. What could be more heart-warming?

Know somebody who cherishes the outdoors or could do with some downtime? The hiking gift vouchers would make a wonderful and memorable gift for them.


  • Buy single or multiple hiking gift vouchers

  • Use the vouchers on the dates best suitable

  • Gift voucher can be used by any adult

  • Get some downtime and “me time” on an adventure

  • De-stress and rejuvenate in nature

  • Wander through rolling hills & magnificent ancient forests

  • Enjoy nature’s health benefits

  • Free cup of coffee/tea and a slice of cake

  • Fully guided hiking trip