Hiking in an unknown wood in the Chiltern Hills

Chiltern Hills – I had hiked a neighbouring woodland and wild camped there too. I had always known there was another wood over the other side, but I had never been there.

The suspense was too much for too long, and so, I decided to visit, put on my boots and get hiking this unknown wood in the Chiltern Hills. I still can’t find its name and have no idea what this “unknown wood” is called.

It’s an absolutely beautiful place in the winter and I can just imagine what it’s like in the spring bloom and autumn colours.


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Inside look…

  • Fantastic woodlands

  • Amazing hiking trails

  • Mostly gravel / dirt / grass trails

  • Some hilly terrain

  • Some wildlife & bird spotting

  • Colourful woodland

  • Some ancient trees

  • Perfect for a family day out

  • Great for short or extended hiking routes

  • No cafe onsite

  • No toilets

  • Lay-by parking

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Basic packing list…

  • Cash / Credit Card

  • Spare change in coins

  • Pen / Notebook (if you like to take notes)

  • Camera / Phone (great picture opportunities)

  • Layered clothing (stay away from cotton in winter)

  • Spare change of clothes (in winter & in case they get wet!)

  • Or bring waterproof jacket / trouser

  • Change of shoes (don’t want a muddy car!)

  • Sunglasses

  • Bottle of water or hydration pack (must keep hydrated)

  • <