Underestimated a hike but saw Newlands Corner trail in a new light

Yes, I completely underestimated the length of this hike especially given the severe 32°C weather on the day. However, this gave me the perfect opportunity to explore the Newlands Corner extended hiking trail in the Surrey Hills in a new light.

This spectacular and incredibly exciting hike took me through the amazing Chantry Wood and Merrow Downs including the Newlands Corner, Surrey Hills. Not only were the panoramic views tremendous, but the ancient woodlands and forests along the way were equally delightful. I, even got to see and take in plenty of my favourite trees – the Yew tree! This hike is tough, but shorter walks can be equally fun for the young family.


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Inside look…

  • Stunning panoramic views

  • Amazing hiking trails

  • Mostly gravel / dirt / heather trails

  • Some hill climbing

  • Wonderful ancient woodlands

  • Ancient Yew trees and lots of them!

  • Wildlife & bird spotting

  • Scenic setting

  • Perfect for a family day out

  • Great for short or extended hiking routes

  • Some picnic benches and great picnic spots

  • Cafe onsite at Newlands Corner only

  • Toilets onsite

  • Paid parking at Newlands Corner. Free lay-bys elsewhere.

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Basic packing list…

  • Cash / Credit Card

  • Spare change in coins

  • Pen / Notebook (if you like to take notes)