Old Sarum Castle – Unforseen family circumstances so I had to go solo

By the time the UK was starting to ease and open up after a year long of Covid lockdowns and closures, my family and I were eager to get out camping and exploring again. We were especially excited to visit the Old Sarum Castle.

So, in April 2021, we were quick to book 3 getaways for the summer holidays in July & August… Norfolk, Oxford and Wiltshire.

The Norfolk camping adventure was fun, but a big challenge. Oxford was a non-starter! And Salisbury in Wiltshire… well, this is the story of that trip.


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Inside look…

  • Solo van life camping

  • Why a family trip turned solo trip

  • Hiking adventure

  • Old Sarum Castle

  • …plus loads more

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Basic packing list…

  • Cash / Credit Card

  • Spare change in coins

  • Pen / Notebook (if you like to take notes)

  • Camera / Phone (great picture opportunities)

  • Layered clothing (stay away from cotton in winter)

  • Spare change of clothes (in winter & in case they get wet!)

  • Or bring waterproof jacket / trouser

  • Change of shoes (don’t want a muddy car!)

  • Sunglasses

  • Bottle of water or hydration pack (must keep hydrated)

  • Picnic / Food / Snacks

  • First aid kit

  • Tick remover

  • A day pack to carry everything (or hydration pack)

  • Bring the dog and the family too!

Address / Starting Point

Salisbury camping and caravanning site to Old Saru