What I’ve learnt: One Year of Weekly Adventures

It has been over a year since I’ve been seriously documenting and storytelling my travels of the British Isles. I have been to explore a different natural destination 52+ times in the last year and hence, 52 Youtube videos published one every Sunday.

The storytelling through videos is important to me, but what is more important, is what I’ve learnt about myself over the journey. I set myself a mission goal of stepping outside my comfort zone, and exploring through some outdoor pursuit at least one wilderness destination in the British Isles per week…. And I did it!

I couldn’t have done the Shameer Shah Project without my subscribers, supporters, my family and all the doubters. Thank you… Watch the video as I breakdown my learnings.

Here’s to the next 365 days, cheer!


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Inside look…

  • Simply getting outdoors

  • Enjoying our wilderness and nature

  • Stunning woodland views

  • Magnificent panoramic views

  • Amazing hiking trails

  • Mostly gravel / dirt / grass trails

  • Steep hill climbing

  • Wonderful ancient woodlands

  • Various woodland trees

  • Some wildlife & bird spotting

  • Scenic setting

  • Perfect for a family day out

  • Great for short or extended hiking routes

  • No cafe onsite

  • No toilets onsite

  • Free parking & lay-by parking

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Basic packing list…

  • Cash / Credit Card

  • Spare change in coins