Project Description

Follow the light 🔆

This is one of my favourite projects to work on. The sunlight that hits the British Isles combined with other factors such as movement of air mass, strength of sunlight and latitude all influence the magical light. The strength of sunlight which varies according to the latitude plays a significant role in my work.

Dawn and dusk is when you’re likely to find me out and about in the wilderness. Not only is this a wonderful time to roam the wilderness, but it’s also the perfect time to find some mindfulness. It’s peaceful, impassive and a tranquil phase of the day bringing with it countless benefits for your wellbeing.

Photographing natural light can be a challenge, but with your help I can capture these stunning moments in more depth to inspire you.

Sunlight is a painting that draws you in with every stroke.

Shameer Shah
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Project: Sunlight is a Painting

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Oh my. This I love.

Seconds is what it takes each sun ray to hit the Isles

Mother Nature paints the sky in mysterious ways, more often than not, it’s magical. My goal is to photograph and document the beauty of natural light to bring to you the best spots to visit and experience Mother Nature at play.


As long as nature, forests & the wilderness exist, we must let the outdoors nurture us. It doesn’t take much to change your way of life, support my work today and keep me photographing and storytelling for longer to keep inspiring you.