Project Description

Go by the seaside 🐠

There’s so much history around the seaside towns across the British Isles, and its popularity over the years has made it a fairy-tale for holidaymakers. Often, the local, popular beaches are frequented for short breaks. But what about all those lesser known, impressive coastal areas? Why are only a few people exploring them?

The vistas and spaciousness of the coastal areas is sensational and much of it unknown, and that’s why I want to capture the stories around the seaside towns and its wilderness for your benefit.

The majority of the population around the British Isles live about 70 miles from the sea on average and did you know, there is currently a project to complete a hiking path right around the English coast? The Isles have some of the most awe-inspiring views and brings with it many health benefits. The seaside brings calm, serenity and complete relaxation which is required for the mind, body and soul.

I spend a lot of time by the coast with many places absent of large crowds, and I would love to capture the coastline’s wilderness in more depth to inspire you.

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.

Isak Dinesen
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Project: The Coast & Beyond