Project Description

Village life is a healer 🏡

You may think country or village life is a world away from anything your city-dwelling mind can adjust to. However, I’m not asking you to move into the country, but simply encouraging you to visit and experience what lies around these little pockets of vibrant communities.

Most of these villages offer a fantastic base to begin your adventures whether it is hiking, cycling, visiting the infamous tea rooms or traditional pubs. Some kind of exploration is normally associated with villages.

There are plenty of villages dotted across the countryside of the British Isles and each, very distinctive from the next. These villages are well known globally for their untouched and ancient characteristics. I use these villages as my base to navigate to most of my outdoor activities and I would love to capture their beautiful presence to inspire you.

You arrive at a village, and in this calm environment, one starts to hear echo.

Yannick Noah
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Project: Village Life