Motivating you to make a difference to your personal life, wellbeing and mental health through nature

Encouraging you to protect, respect and teach others about our fragile, natural environment through adventure

Inspiring a connection between people of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and the great outdoors

A Hearty Welcome

Hello… I’m Shameer, I am an outdoor guide, photographer, video creator, adventurer and a conservationist.

Exploring the great outdoors and photography have been two serious obsessions of mine since a young age. Having lived on three continents, one thing in common is that the great outdoors is where I focused 100% of my time and resources. Whether I was camping, bouldering, trekking or cycling, I just couldn’t get enough of spending time in the wilderness and experiencing what nature has to offer.

My mission is to hike, cycle or whatever it takes to find the hidden gems of the British Isles so that I can bring you on my journey with the most beautiful photographs and storytelling in hope of inspiring you.

I’m also campaigning for ways to encourage the Asian, Black and minority ethnic community to get outdoors, and that nature and the great outdoors is an inclusive experience for all.

What is the Shameer Shah Project about?

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The project is about creating a gateway to help us appreciate nature’s wonders by inspiring a connection between people of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and the great outdoors.

Furthermore, it’s about inspiring families and the younger generation to venture out and live a little. Go explore, make new friends and see new places. Make a difference to your life and wellbeing through nature.

The combined goal is to help protect our nature and wilderness by actually getting people of all backgrounds to visit these breathtaking places, so they too are encouraged to protect, respect and teach others about our fragile, natural environment.

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Along with the content on this website, I regularly post outdoor information, videos, photographs and adventure advice on the various social media channels. You can connect with me below.

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I post new material and content on these channels regularly for the benefit of all my fans, followers and supporters. Not only is it a great way to interact and communicate with each other instantly, but also a way for you to be inspired by my daily and weekly micro-adventures and bigger adventures.

Who is this project and guidebook for?

Beginners guide to adventuresThe project and the concept is for everyone and anyone, from the young and old to outdoor enthusiasts and beginners, whoever wants to connect better with the natural outdoors and find their sacred nature through both, micro-adventures and big adventures.

However, the main focus of this project is on beginners to the outdoor world along with the Asian, Black and minority ethnic community who would like to get out more, but who need some encouragement and a tool such as this guidebook to help them.

Finally, I want to inspire young people and the next generation to venture out and live a little. Go explore, make new friends and see new places. Make a difference to your life, wellbeing and mental health.

What equipment do you need to get started?

The equipment you need to get started on exploring the outdoors is the equipment you already have. However, if you’re on the path to spending a lot of time in nature and the wilderness, especially during the wet or winter months then you will find my checklist of outdoor gear in this adventure guidebook which will make your packing easier and explorations a lot more comfortable.

It’s good to remember, the right clothing will give you more comfort and make you more confident.

However, the goal is simple for micro-adventures…. start small, go local and go often, and if you follow this advice then the following basic equipment and gear will be perfectly suitable:

  • A fleece, a winter jacket and/or waterproof jacket
  • A pair of waterproof over-trousers
  • A good pair of sturdy shoes or hiking boots
  • A small backpack
  • Food and snacks
  • Water bottles
    … and off you go for a little day adventure!

For other micro-adventures and longer overnighters, you can refer to my detailed checklist of outdoor gear click here.

The most important aspect of clothing is to avoid wearing cotton clothes especially in the UK due to the weather conditions.

Common mistakes to avoid if you’re new to outdoor adventures

Here are some of the most common mistakes I see people making when helping them take their first steps into the great outdoors.

  1. Challenge is too big – As I mentioned earlier on this page… start small, go local and go often. Keep your adventures and explorations small and local to start off with. It’s important not to make the challenge too big or difficult as that will put a damper on your future adventures.
  2. Starting destination is far away – Similar to point 1, in the early days of outdoor activities and adventures, go local to get an understanding of how it feels and what it takes. Travelling miles away can create anxiety before you begin and even worse, be daunting when