It has been scientifically proven that there is a strong link between being outdoors and mental health improvements.

Perhaps you’ve had a demanding nine-to-five day in the concrete jungle that our planet is fast becoming? Maybe you’ve been squished together with other commuters on the tube, eagerly anticipating your stop on your journey home.

Could it be that the daily stress of everyday life is getting on top of you and you’re desperate for a break?

Whether it’s going for a simple jog or a mountain hike adventure, nothing makes the human body happier and healthier than being one with nature.

Research has found that being outdoors can combat depression, improve memory, and lower blood pressure. With so many health benefits, it’s clear that we all need to take advantage of our natural environments.

We have created a list of ten benefits of being outdoors and mental health improvements so, sit back, relax, and refresh your mind with the knowledge of what getting out in nature can do for your soul!

  • Nurture short term memory

  • Boost your immune system

  • Create anti-cancer proteins

  • Fuel the creative mind

Daylight destroys the dark demons of depression and anxiety

It has been suggested that there are benefits of being outdoors and mental health issues management. Walking through the openness of nature can help to ease and overcome the dark and all-consuming depths of depression and anxiety that so many of us experience at one point in our lives.

The best remedy for when you feel there’s no way out is to get outside, breathe in some fresh air, and replace that black cloud hanging over you by not being enclosed within four walls.

Outdoor exercising in the evergreen environment such as walks, jogs, or outdoor activities have also been said to improve self-esteem and increase energy levels.

Being around water has also been said to have positive effects on an individual’s peace of mind.

Hiking helps your heart by lowering your blood pressure

Walking, hiking, and stretching those limbs is another benefit of being outdoors and mental health because this helps to lower your blood pressure and keep you functioning at your optimum!

Putting one foot in front of the other also helps you to avoid or manage other conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

You’ll also find that this outdoor activity will do wonders for strengthening your bones and muscles, improving your balance and coordination, and helping you to maintain a healthy body mass.

A spring in your step will also improve your mood and cheer you up too!

Creativity comes from outside

Another benefit of being outside and mental health management is that it improves your creative ability.

It has been found that seeking your entertainment and enjoyment in the great outdoors helps to advance your cognitive functioning and creative performing and problem-solving skills!

It has also been suggested that being outdoors and in the natural environment can improve your ability to concentrate because of its restorative elements. If you find your attention wandering, the forest can put you back into focus.

Can being outside create anti-cancer proteins?

As well as the benefits of being outdoors and mental health improvements, it has also been proposed that being around nature, particularly forests and the flourishing woods, can encourage the creation of anti-cancer proteins.

The increases in the protein levels that people get from being outdoors can even last up to seven days after their experience!

Studies have also shown that areas with greater forest coverage have lower mortality rates from a variety of cancers.

Although these studies are still in their early stages, it is a promising area for future research which we hope will be encouraged.

Being outdoors eliminates inflammation

Inflammation of your internal organs can cause several autoimmune disorders such as crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and even cancer.

Studies have shown that participants who spent lengths of time outdoors in forests or wooded environs had reduced levels of inflammation and encouraging effects on their hypertension too.

Not only is there a positive link between being outdoors and mental health, there are also benefits to your physical heath too!

Wake up to the great outdoors

There are many benefits of being outdoors and mental health and mental fatigue! Research has shown that being in the great outdoors, surrounded by the natural elements of the environment, can stop your brain from shutting down and boost your mental energy.

You won’t be thinking of catching up on sleep when roaming around outdoors!

Nature walks can nurture your short-term memory

Another example of being outdoors and mental health improvements is the benefit that it has on your short-term memory.  Although walking around the city and admiring the sights can stimulate your interests, walking within nature has been said to significantly stimulate your ability to remember and rewind.

De-stress in the daylight

Cortisol is a hormone used as a marker for stress. Studies showed that participants who spent a length of time in forests and wooded areas were found to have lower levels of that hormone in their bodies.

Stress can be relieved by being at one with nature, another reason why being outdoors, and mental health improvements are interlinked.

People wish for a stress-free life, and what better way to achieve this than by being one with your environment.

Being in the sun can save your sight

A large unit of research has found that not only does being outdoors and mental health activity have a strong link, but the outdoors also has a protective effect on your eyes and reduces the risk of myopia, which is nearly blindness.

Forests are fruitful to the immune system

Being in the forest and outdoor activities have been said to have a positive effect on your immune system, the bodies natural ability to fight bacteria and infections.

As we’ve already mentioned, the forest and the outdoor environment is said to contain possible anti-cancer proteins, so the limits of what the outdoors can cure seem to be endless!