Exploring Mad Bess Haunted Woods with a Chapel deep in the Woodland

Exploring Mad Bess Wood was an amazing experience for me for more than one reason. Firstly, it has a bizarre name! Hiking the haunted woods which has a chapel deep in the woodland was not only otherworldly, but is also steeped in history including a World War II memorial. Mad Bess? Mad Bess was the wife of a gamekeeper back in the 18th Century, a deranged woman who roamed the woods at night looking for poachers. The thought of a headless, deranged woman creeping around the woods was enough to make me hike it. I recommend you hike the haunted woods!!


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Inside look…

  • Beautiful woodland trails

  • Mostly gravel and dirt trails

  • Little creeks and river streams flow through the wood

  • World War II memorial and chapel deep in the woods

  • Various trails to experience

  • Perfect for a family day out

  • Great for a short or extended hikes