There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong outdoor equipment and clothes. Whether it’s coming down in buckets or bright and breezy, the correct outdoor equipment will make a huge difference to your journeys into the wild.

For camping in the countryside or climbing a colossal mountain, it is essential that you take precautions and pack the appropriate gear so that, whether you’re adventuring the mountains, or hiking at home, nature doesn’t nip your exploring in the bud.

Safety and security should be top of the list so that you only have the best and most fun experiences.

Below, I have listed a few ideas in brief for what outdoor equipment you should remember to buy or bring along to the epic escapades. Whether you’re whizzing round the coastline or trekking a tumultuous terrain, good quality outdoor equipment is vital for your adventures.

Is the Price Right?

First thing’s first. Shopping. Before you hotfoot on your travels, it’s important to have a look around your local retailers or bargain browse online to find good value outdoor equipment that does the job, and clothing that fits comfortably to take with you.

Quality and safety should be of the utmost importance and should never be overlooked, regardless of the cost. If the price is too perky though, you can always look at the option of possible discounts and coupons to save a bit.

For unimaginable adventures and activities that you’ve never dared to take part in before, only the best outdoor equipment and gear at the right prices will do to have a successful trip.

Basing Your ‘Buys’

Whether it be camping, hiking, climbing, or even fishing outdoor equipment, it is important to recognise the difference between clothing so that you don’t slide without a slip-resistant sole, or stump a toe without a steel-toed cap. Decide on what you will take based on what you plan to do on your outdoor exploration.

Comfy Clothing

Comfortable clothing is imperative when you are planning your outdoor adventures because you don’t want to be too cold or too sweaty when you’re trying to have fun. Suitable fitting and personal comfort is of great importance, we’ve created a list of what you could pack for each activity.

All Outdoor and Water-Based Activities

Most Importantly you’ll need…

Neoprene Gloves and Hood: Only required at the coldest water activities.

Neoprene Overalls: Neoprene 3mm or 5mm thick inner layers which warm up from body heat, only requiring a swimsuit underneath.

Neoprene Shoes: Similar material to the Neoprene overalls, warms the feet up when they get wet. Not to be worn with socks unless they’re woollen.

Helmets: If helmets are required and supplied, it is essential they are worn for safety.

Life-Jackets: When life jackets or personal flotation devices are supplied for an activity, they must be worn for safety.

Dry Suits: Designed to keep you dry for long periods in cold water.

Splash Tops: Parkas that have seals on the neck and hand openings. Designed to keep the upper body dry.

Fishing Trip Fun

Most Importantly you’ll need…

Fishing Pole – Vital piece of outdoor equipment needed to fetch the fish

Fishing Licence – To legally be able to fish

Polarised Sunglasses – To guard your eyes from harmful UV rays

Water bottle – Must drink lots and keep hydrated

Outfit for the Occasion

Stretch Bib Overall- Keeping you dry with its water-repellent material

Stretch Jacket- Allows movement while keeping you cosy on cold mornings

Hammer Work Boot- Slip-resistant rubber sole and toe bumper

Camping and Hiking Holiday

Most Importantly you’ll need…

Tent- For a nap, this is the most essential outdoor equipment you’ll need

Headlamp- To see where you’re going

Water Bottle- Must drink lots and keep hydrated

Outfit for the Occasion

Jacket with Hood- A waterproof layer to protect you from the weather

Cargo Shorts- To shield you from sweat on long hikes, with multiple and expandable pockets. Useful for storing personal items.

Hiking Boots- For ease and comfort on your feet

Rock your Socks off Climbing

Most Importantly you’ll need…

Rock Climbing Shoes- So that you can manage the climb and treks on outdoor equipment

Energy Snacks- To keep you going

Water Bottle- Must drink lots and keep hydrated

Outfit for the Occasion

Warm top- Comfy layer for colder weather

Hybrid Shorts- With fabric that allows you to move freely and comfortably

Straight Leg Pants- With fabric that won’t affect your climb

Something to Note…

For climbing adventures, most organisers will supply ropes, harnesses, shoes and other outdoor equipment for rock climbing.

For ice climbing and hiking, most organisers will supply ice axes, crampons, and all other equipment for your safety, but you will need to bring your own footwear.

It is best to ask the organisers for an expanded checklist of what to pack with you.

Enjoy the Elements

Rock climbing against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains or hiking past river streams or rugged terrain, or just walking in the heat of day, will expose you to every element imaginable.

For this reason, it is important to focus your outdoor equipment and clothing choices on the foreseeable climate and environment of your escapades. This will help you prepare your adventure without any interruptions.

Keep Safe and Keep Adventuring!

As always, safety is of paramount importance. I advise all adventurers to purchase suitable safety wear and outdoor equipment of a good quality and, if you’re unsure about the value of an item, please seek advice from a professional or get in touch with me.

Without the necessary safety measures, you could be troubled if your outdoor equipment falters or you are not wearing suitable clothing.

It may also be useful if you were to learn some first aid awareness and, as I’ve reiterated, please remember to pack protective or appropriate clothing for wherever your journey may take you.


Having the right outdoor equipment and clothing is vital for your adventures, and I hope I have managed to stress that point here.

This is just a brief guide and ideas of what you should pack. It really depends on your outdoor activity, destination and length of journey which should influence your packing list. 

Affordable, appropriate, and comfortable clothing is essential for your safety and security when you are exploring the great outdoors because, although you want to get knee-deep in fun, you still need to keep your mind and body in working order so that you can look forward to lots more awesome adventures!